Support Bruce Power’s 10-year Operating Licence Renewal Application

This year, the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) will hold a two-part public hearing on an application by Bruce Power to renew, for a period of 10 years, its power reactor operating licence for the Bruce A and B stations located in Tiverton, ON.

The current licence authorizes Bruce Power to generate electricity from its eight reactors and produce medical-grade Cobalt-60 from its four Bruce B units. The approval of a 10-year licence will allow it to continue operation over this period, while progressing with its Life-Extension Program, which includes its Major Component Replacement Project, allowing the site to operate to 2064.

Bruce Power’s Life-Extension will create jobs, provide reliable and low-cost electricity to millions of Ontario residents, clean the air we breathe, save lives through medical isotopes, and pour billions annually into the local and provincial economies.

The Canadian Nuclear Workers’ Council, Grey Bruce Labour Council, Women in Nuclear, North American-Young Generation Nuclear (NA-YGN), Bruce Power Pensioners Association, Power Workers’ Union, and The Society of Energy Professionals are asking you to sign this petition to show your support for Bruce Power’s 10-year CNSC operating licence renewal application.

year operating licence renewal application
jobs created and sustained annually across Ontario
billion dollars injected into the province’s economy annually through 2064
units to undergo Major Component Replacement from 2020-33

Support Bruce Power’s Licence Renewal Application

I, the undersigned, support Bruce Power and its 10-year Licence Renewal application to the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission.

I, the undersigned, support Bruce Power and its 10-year Licence Renewal application to the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission.


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Latest Signatures:
1,561Rob KirkwoodCobourg
1,560Eugene ZsigaLucknow
1,559Ron DuncanKincardine
1,558Ken McGrathOwen Sound
1,557Jason CurtisTiverton
1,556Dave VeitchPort Sydney
1,555Edwin VysmaSouthampton
1,554Jennifer SmithWhitby
1,553Lioudmila NasriToronto
1,552Karl LangguthNiagara on the Lake
1,551Mike maharbrights grove
1,550Krista Crossley Kincardine

Licence Renewal Briefing

Learn more about Bruce Power’s 10-year Licence Renewal application that is before the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission. The Licence Renewal Briefing provides an overview of Bruce Power and the role it plays in our communities and across Ontario.

Take part

The public is invited to be an ‘intervenor’ in the Licence Renewal process, whether by writing a letter to the Commission, or giving an oral presentation in Part 2 of the hearing on May 30-31 in Kincardine. You must declare your intent to be an intervenor by April 16, 2018.

Life-Extension Program

Learn more about Bruce Power’s Life-Extension Program, which includes Major Component Replacement, and how it will benefit those who live in Bruce, Grey and Huron counties, as well as families and businesses across Ontario.

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